About us

All our energy is for the benefit of people!

We are an international energy company

The company “Georgian Alternative Energy” is professionally engaged in the production of alternative energy using an environmentally friendly method. We use various methods to generate energy, such as reciprocating, gas, turbine and diesel plants. We offer our customers unique mobile solutions for domestic power generation. Our company offers only alternative types of electricity. We are engaged in the production of electricity from waste, and our main company has extensive recycling experience for 7 years. The method we use is sustainable and considered renewable. Since we provide various types of voltage from 380 to 220,000 kV volts, we can provide power from 500 to 50,000 kilowatts at one location. We invite to cooperation all miners and all organizations wishing to cooperate, regardless of their field of activity. Our company is always happy to help your company become non-volatile.

Mission: all our energy is for the benefit of people!

Benefit for the client

We can only be successful if we create value for the client

Safety first

Our activities are always associated with risks to the environment and human health, therefore we always consider occupational safety, health and the environment

It depends on me

My energy, will and responsibility are the key to achieving common goals

Increasing value

We focus primarily on those activities that create higher value

Making the Difficult Simple

We make complex things simple and straightforward

We certify the created values with our signature – the energy signature

We are responsible for ensuring that the minerals, technology and power grid entrusted to us are used in the best possible way. It is important for us to make our energy production more and more environmentally friendly.

We are well versed in our business and are constantly looking for new opportunities in order to offer our customers a higher level of service and to develop the energy sector.

We are adventurous. We have the best specialists in their field in our ranks. We combine the knowledge and skills of competent people, because strength is in unity.

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About us

We offer convenient energy solutions and generate greener energy


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